Anonymous whispered,

Admit it, Shu-shu. We all know you sit on your living room watching GrimmUlqui develop like a soap opera.

ooc: asdfghjkl I was not expecting that.

I lack information on what you’re speaking of, Anon. 

*laughs* So… do you know who “tried to copy your fabulous looks”?

Obviously Kokuto paid another sinner to do that. 

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Uh, I don’t know… It looks very close to the original, it’s perfect~

Yeah, I noticed.


Eh— Uh—……


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It does look a lot like you, I won’t lie~

Uh, I didn’t knew Kokuto’s face looks… extremely awkard without that bandages.

Somebody obviously tried to copy my fabulous looks.

And failed.


He is very hideous. 

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#Nooooooooo NEVAH 

Shuren-san, I know I shouldn’t care or intromisse myself in your… uh, hobbies, but…

What the fucking hell is this.

That is not me.

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You owe me breakfast for preying on my innocence in public.

That is it.

I’m going to bed, I am locking my door.

I am spraying Kokuto repellant on.

kokuto-the-sinner whispered,

Is that so~? [He chuckles] Let me reveal the real you, Shuren-/sama/~

Kokuto isn’t there other feminine men you can prey on?

Why are you spamming my ask box which is only for important matters?

kokuto-the-sinner whispered,

No. Why don't we play... "Let Kokuto bang your head against the wall" ^^ It sounds pretty cool~ oh no, I've promised myself not to fight again with ya... You know why~? You're too cute~ bhahahahahah [He laughs, poking his cheek]

It sounds boring.

kokuto-the-sinner whispered,

Heeeeeeey~ let's play Shu-shu~

Yes, let’s play.

You go hide, and I will not seek.